Darcy Byrne

Darcy BryneDarcy Byrne champions the Labor cause both as a Councillor on Leichhardt Council and in the campaign to reform and renew the New South Wales Australian Labor Party (ALP).

Councillor Byrne is well known on the local hustings and in the print media, television and radio, as an articulate and passionate advocate for change and renewal.

Councillor Byrne grew up in Balmain and is a life-long resident of Leichhardt Municipality. He attended local public schools and then worked for over a decade with disadvantaged young people and low income communities in the inner city, including most recently as the Manager of the Glebe Youth Service.

Councillor Byrne’s commitment to local politics began when he coordinated a successful campaign to protect low income tenants from being unfairly evicted from a boarding house in Palmer Street Balmain. He followed up by voluntarily coordinating a youth mentoring program in Rozelle and Balmain, and was then successfully elected to Leichhardt Council in 2008 as a Councillor for the Rozelle-Lilyfield (Wangal) Ward.

Councillor Byrne lives and breaths our local community, and as a steadfast member of the ALP, typifies its future as the one true political party of reform and positive change for all Australians.